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Turbulence free OST file to PST export is offered by OST Extractor Pro!

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The Only OST to PST Converter Free Version Available for Trial That Can Process Data Without Loss in Fidelity.

If you are looking for an OST to PST converter that is simple to use but also efficient and accurate, you have come to the right place.

OST to PST Converter Free Trial Version

The tool mentioned below is available in a free trial version that you can download now. It’s called “OST Extractor Pro”. published by USL Software, the leading source of professional software solutions in the sphere of email migration.

OST Extractor Pro is now Outlook independent.  (Microsoft Outlook is not required anymore).

ost to pst converter

Let’s find out more about the tool:

Supports all OST Files

OST is a file used by Windows Outlook. The tool supports OST from all versions of Outlook, including Exchange and Office 365.

Easy to Install

To start off, it is simple to install. In just few clicks, you can get “OST Extractor Pro” installed and ready to go.

Light and resourceful

It is a powerful tool that rigorously converts OST files to PST, but it is also very light and doesn’t consume any CPU power.

Intuitive UI

The first thing you will notice after you will launch it for the first time is how simple and basic the interface is, in spite of its high range of functionality. You can start using it from the next second without thinking and without knowing any technical details on the task.

Batch Conversion

The process starts by you loading the OST files to convert. You can select the folder that contains more than one OST file. All the files will be selected at once and you can convert everything in one attempt. Most of the free and non-professional OST to PST converters allow only OST file at a time. Along with that, the tool handles large OST files just as smoothly as regular sized. If you have massive OST files to convert to, don’t fret about them as the tool will easily convert them without freezing or crashing.

Folders’ view and Selection Option

After you have selected the files for conversion, you can see all the folders inside them in their correct order/structure. Not just that, you can choose which folders you want to convert and which you want to exclude. Additionally, you can choose to ignore all empty folders in a single click by choosing the option given above.

Multiple options to convert OST to

This article is about OST to PST converter, but the tool can actually convert OST to many other formats, not just PST. Such as: Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, Mac Outlook (PST), and standard MBOX and EML files.

Maintain the arrangement of folders: You probably have dozens of folders in your Outlook OST files, arranged in a specific manner. This arrangement of folders is tricky to maintain during data migration but “OST Extractor Pro” will do it perfectly without a single unwanted modification.

convert ost to pst

Maintains the email headers

Most free OST to PST converters produces errors in the email headers, where information like to, from, cc, bcc, subject, and time and date are stored. “OST Extractor Pro” implements precise algorithms targeted specifically for complex headers, ensuring clean conversion.

Maintains Email Contents

Emails are never simple text. Not anymore. You can have countless forms of data inside an email body, like images or other graphical content (icons, logos, charts, etc.), email attachments (local files or cloud-based), text formatting (rich text or HTML), Hyperlinks, Unicode characters (in languages other than English), and many more. Only “OST Extractor Pro” gets the entirety of email messages across OST to PST, not omitting a single byte of information or altering anything.

Fast Conversion

some conventional converters process data painfully slow, especially if they are built with precise and exhaustive algorithms. Not “OST Extractor Pro.” No matter how large or how many OST files you are converting, it will always run with a lightning fast speed, so you don’t have to waste one minute more than you have to.

We have already talked about the minimal interface that allows even the beginners to use it effortlessly.

ost to pst

Here’s how the steps to convert OST to PST look like:

  1. Launch the tool
  2. Click on “Load”
  3. Browse to the location of OST files and select them
  4. Choose folders to convert (or un-tick to exclude)
  5. Select output format as PST in this case (from the list of output formats)
  6. Click ‘Convert’
  7. Wait until it finished converting the files
  8. Once finished, you can move or import PST files anywhere you have to in Outlook

No other OST to PST converter has simplified this process as much as “OST Extractor Pro”.

ost to pst converter free

Other services associated with USL Software are:

  • Tech support available 24 x 7. The support team responds immediately and resolves any situation you might need help with.
  • Free updates for lifetime: the tool receives periodic updates for improvement and to iron out any bugs if any. You will never have to pay for the updates after your initial purchase.
  • Different license for users with differing needs. Choose one that fits your needs.
  • One-time payment for lifetime.

Get OST to PST Converter Free Trial & Full Version

( One license key works on both Mac & Windows)

ost to pst converter for mac

It’s the finest OST to PST converter with a free trial version available now. Download it and you never have to worry about an otherwise frightening prospect of converting complex email files.

Try this ost to pst converter free version for your evaluation and see the results.